Alzheimer’s and Dementia Staff Education Week At Sterling Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center: The Importance Of Patient-Centered Care

Media, Pennsylvania. March 6, 2017. Celebrated in the community for its tranquil setting, Sterling Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center was abuzz. Staff members were immersed in Staff Education Week, learning the latest facts and protocols for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care, and excited by the most up-to-date research.

Featuring presentations by specialized professionals and in-services highlighting the importance of patient-centered care, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Staff Education Week at Sterling was tailored for staff members dedicated to the needs of Residents challenged with these diagnoses.

Beyond the undeniable educational value, it is clear that the ultimate beneficiaries of this continuing educational series are the Residents – and their family members.

“Current studies presented by the Alzheimer’s Association indicate that staff trained specifically in dementia care is able to provide a better quality of life for Residents”, says Joan Marie Hess, MSW, LSW, Director of Community Relations at Sterling Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center. “We know that the only way to provide compassionate and successful care to individuals with these diagnoses is to understand the disease process, and be current on best-practice recommendations.”

Sterling is proud of its steadfast support to advance Alzheimer’s care and research, and has successfully participated in the Alzheimer’s Association “Walk to End Alzheimer’s”. For the past three years, they have made substantial financial contributions at the “Champions Club” level. Sterling has maintained ongoing relationships with Margaret Stevens, the Director for The Center for Geriatric Medicine and Senior Health Services for the Crozer Health System; Dr. Matt Richmond, Psy.D., psychologist from Vista Med; and Ruth Hoskins, Ph.D., H.H.S., LCSW, from Caring Hospice. These individuals assisted in coordinating the presentations and workshops for the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Staff Education Week at Sterling.

Staff Education Week focused on fostering sensitivity and respect for the Residents diagnosed with dementia, teaching communication techniques, and providing sensitive approaches for assisting patients with activities of daily living.

This educational experience will certainly advance the professional practice of the staff at Sterling, but the real value of it will be felt by the Residents as they enjoy daily life at Sterling.

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