Meet Our December Resident of the Month

Mary was born on November 15, 1947 to Martha and Willie Roy Mathis. She is the oldest of 8 siblings.  Mary attended several schools, i.e. Warsaw in NC, Catholic School in Manhattan, NY, and then Simon Grant High School in Philadelphia, where she met her future husband at the age of 16.  Mary dated Robert L. Robinson and later on she had a daughter.  In 1985, she said “yes” to Robert. 

Mary worked as a cashier for a restaurant and as a bar maid.  Later in life, she became a Certified Nursing Assistant and worked for 20 years. 

Mary relocated from Philadelphia to Darby where she became very interested in Community Relations and held the title of  Block Captain of her Community, and as a Missionary and President of Secretaries. After careful thought, she decided to change her career and she was hired as a cashier/cook for the William Penn School District for 9 years. 

Mary loves her family and has 4 daughters and 16 grandchildren. In her down time, Mary loves to play board games, listen to gospel music, attend church and do Christian Art. Mary is a current member of P.E.E.R. 

Most of all, Mary loves helping others and spending time with family and friends.